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I created my telegram to have a more intimate contact with my fans, platform-free, totally free from censorship!

      daily posts 
      Homemade content with intimate moments of nudity. 
      sensual essays 
      rehearsals with friends
      naturist routine
      Naturist reports like my interviews
      Photos, video, stories, lives and audios.

Free of charge

Here you can see previews of posts from all platforms, it's free!

Level 1

BRL 50 (per month)

"I want to know your naturist world!"

Level 2

BRL 75 (per month)

"I already know your naturist world and I want to see more!" 


BRL 250 (per month)

"I want to see everything you have to show me!" 

Quer assinar algum nível do meu Telegram?

Faz um PIX para o CPF 89271017072

No valor correspondente ao

Nível escolhido e envia o comprovante

por mensagem privada no telegram ou Instagram.

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